Almond Oil-based Violet Flower Extract: General Characteristics of Violet-Almond Oil

Document Type : Original Article



Introduction: Violet-almond oil (VAO) as a widely used remedy with various healing properties in traditional Persian Medicine (PM), suffers from a lack of standardization parameters. This study intended to determine some physicochemical and phytochemical characteristics of VAO.
Methods: Organoleptic properties (including color, smell, turbidity, appearance, and viscosity) were determined by sensory evaluation. Specific gravity, refractive index, acid value, saponification value, fatty acid profile, and amino acid profile were determined by appropriate methods. The total phenolic content and microbial load also were measured.
Results: It was characterized as a light yellow and thin oil with a mild odor, density of 0.91 g/ml, a refractive index of 1.470, acidity index of 1.66, and saponification value of 189.61. Total phenol and flavonoid contents based on Gallic acid and Routine were 0.014 and 0.048 mg/ml, respectively. Its main fatty acids were linoleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, and oleic acid. Glutamine and ornithine were the most abundant amino acids, respectively.
Conclusion: The general characteristics obtained may provide preliminary data for the standardization of this valuable traditional remedy.