Persian Medicine for the Treatment of Severe COVID-19: a Case Report

Document Type : Case study



COVID-19 treatment is still essential especially manage patients suffering from severe conditions. Many pharmaceutical drugs like Hydroxychloroquine, Oseltamivir, and others were introduced for curing these patients, but further, than their efficacy, some side effects might be seen. Some patients might not respond to these drugs, and their condition did not heal. This study described a 78-year-old man who suffered from severe COVID-19. His first complication in the first two days was progressive persistent dry cough and Sore throat, and on the third-day fever, chills, weakness, lethargy, and severe loss of appetite. He did not properly respond to chemical drugs, and his condition did not get better. improving the condition Finally, he was treated with Persian Medicine (Iranian traditional medicine; ITM) prescription. The advice of the Persian Medicine (PM) specialist was to contain pomegranate paste, almonds, wheat semolina soup, cooked quince, and pineapple. After two weeks and a month of follow-up, he did not show any complications. According to the data from the treatment period and changing the patient's signs and symptoms, the probable potency of PM for treating COVID-19 alone or as a supplementary prescription could be concluded. Based on the review of the literatures about the efficacy of various traditional medicine, it could be concluded that further studies are necessary to prove the efficacy of PM for COVID-19 and other viral infections. Also, the importance of patient follow-up and frequent visits should be observing patients' condition to control and revise the advice.