Levetiracetam "Narrative Review of Neuropsychiatric Issues"

Document Type : Review article



Levetiracetam, an anti-epileptic drug, is usually used as an adjunctive treatment of partial-onset seizures with or without secondary generalization. In this article, various neuropsychiatric effects of Levetiracetam are investigated.
The following databases were searched: PUBMED, Google Scholar, MEDLINE, Embase, ProQuest, and Science Direct. The articles searched in the mentioned databases were from 2003 to 2021. Ninety-nine articles were selected, fifteen articles such as case reports and letters to the editor were removed due to low scientific credibility, and eighty-four articles were selected. Due to the small number of articles, articles in the form of case reports and letters to the editor were also used to write about mania.
Case reports showed that some cases of behavioral disorders, aggression, and depression had been observed following the use of Levetiracetam. In this study, various evidence were collected to determine the performance of Levetiracetam and to what extent it can have important and vital side effects. This drug can strengthen suicidal thoughts and aggression in consuming patients, especially the patients with other underlying diseases.
According to the side effects mentioned for Levetiracetam, it is suggested that psychiatrists and neurologists pay more attention to these side effects when prescribing.