Acute Trismus Follow Benzodiazepine Discontinuation in a Rural Addicted Patient

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in this study it was introduced a 34-year-old married man from a small city in the Southeastern area of Iran who was referred to a psychiatrist because of the restriction of the range of his jaw motion.
The patient could not open his mouth within the normal range (35 to 55 mm; 3-finger wide). He felt intolerable pain and had talking problems, eating, swallowing, and was highly emotional. Three finger test was positive. He had a history of using opium (1 mg per day) and clonazepam (1 mg every night) from 10 years ago. He had a history of sudden drug withdrawal and has replaced the opium with 20 mg of methadone tablet. He had no personal or family history of other illnesses. In his neurological checkup, a painful condition restricted optimal mandibular movement caused by masticating muscle spasms.