Prolonged mannerism as an isolated, interesting, and old symptom in a schizophrenic patient with poor response to clozapine: a clinical image

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The concept of catatonia was first described by a German psychiatrist, Kahlbaum, in 1874. Catatonia is a serious neurological disorder associated with a wide range of psychiatric, neurological, medical conditions, and drug-induced disorders. Nevertheless, there is no absolute guideline for treating catatonia patients in whom the cause of the disorder is unknown. Clozapine is the first atypical antipsychotic used for the treatment of catatonia. Our case was a 51-year-old single, right-handed man with schizophrenia and a specific symptom of catatonia. Despite previous studies findings revealing the efficacy of clozapine in relieving catatonia symptoms, our patient did not show a definite response to this medication. Hence, follow-up of these patients to evaluate other treatments and possible incidence or manifest of other catatonic features like waxy flexibility, echo phenomenon, and negativism are suggested.


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