Pharmacotherapy in a patient with a foreign body in the rectum and mental retardation: A brief report

Document Type : Brief Report



Certain types of behavior in people with a history of mental disorders and psychosis can engender harm. These behaviors can include rectal and vaginal use of foreign bodies by the patient.
A 54-year-old married man from a low socio-economic level finished school just with grade 2 and suffering from mental retardation disorder, inserted a foreign body into the rectum and, after a week, and due to problems such as bleeding and lack of defecation, referred to the hospital and underwent an operation. During the psychiatric consultation, the patient showed to be ashamed of his unusual act.
The cause of such behavior could not exactly be identified. Risperidone and Citalopram were prescribed for the patient, and behavior therapy and sex therapy were advised to prevent recurrence.


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