Sexsomnia in a patient with lichen planopilaris and pulsed corticosteroid prescription

Document Type : Case study



Sleep sex or sexsomnia is a relatively new disease that is considered an unusual sexual experience and behavior. Many facts about sexsomnia, including its causes, symptoms, and exact prevalence, are still unknown. Given that the symptoms of the disease occur accidentally during the night, it is tough to study this disease in the long run. This study reported a case of a 30-year-old man with sexsomnia who had no recollection of the sexual behavior he exhibited while asleep.
He had lichenplanopilaris and was not receiving any psychiatric medication at the time of the study. However, he was under treatment with corticosteroids for six months, which eventually worsened his depression. This behavior attracted his wife's attention, and he was referred to a doctor due to infertility.


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